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Trichrome should work on most versions of Windows, but if it crashes there's not much I can do to fix it right now. Please, download and try before donating.

Trichrome is a fast-paced time-attack game of colour matching -- make large triangles out of four smaller ones. Score more points by making larger and more interesting shape combinations. A tutorial gets you started. Intermissions break up the intense, high-concentration action into easy-to-play short segments. Most games take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

The simple, minimalist visual design combined with vibrant and beautiful colours makes Trichrome a lovely game to watch as well as play. Scintillating visual effects light up the screen, and 100% real-time synthesized multi-channel sound design will keep you playing.

Trichrome also features an alternate colour and tile set for players with atypical visual perception such as reduced colour vision or colour blindness.

Trichrome is easily approachable for new players, and there are 36 achievements so you can challenge yourself. There are three leaderboards -- high score, fastest gameplay, and most tiles played -- so you can watch your Trichrome skill improve.

With beautiful colours, fantastic sound design, gameplay that's easy to learn, yet with advanced strategy and high-scoring gameplay tactics that you won't master easily, Trichrome is the game to play for fun, for a challenge, to relax and, maybe if you're good enough, to become a Trichrome Legend.

Author's note: I have a friend who has a high score of over 1.5 million points...

Gameplay Tips

  • Trichrome was designed for touchscreens and pen tablets; you can certainly play with a mouse but it will challenge your speed and accuracy.
  • If you're interested in the "flow state" then you'll find Trichrome very satisfying. The fast pace and synchronized music will very rapidly put you in the zone.
  • Once you're ready to move beyond  making 4-tile (meta-triangle) combos, focus on creating shapes that are symmetrical, as well as creating loops.
  • The more complex the symmetry you create, the higher your combo score will climb. Shapes that are not only mirror reflections but are either 3 or 6 way symmetrical will score massive bonuses. Look for these opportunities.
  • A "wild" combo has no symmetry, sometimes you can't help it.
  • Creating a white "pure" tile awards you insurance. Insurance gives you a second chance if the clock runs out. Ending levels or earning insurance when insured gives you a bonus.
  • As you get better, you'll look further and further down the tile stack to plan your moves. Over 20 tiles are shown there for a reason.
  • There are essentially two paths to greatness: extreme speed, or extreme combos. As the game progresses and the board becomes more crowded, you'll tend to focus on speed, but don't miss the opportunity for big combos as the multipliers can become astonishingly high, with some combos reaching over 100K alone.
  • A level ends when you use the last "dotted" tile in a combo. Carefully judge the best time to end a level: bonuses are much higher later on, but the game is less forgiving and the board more crowded.
  • The game ends when the clock runs out or when you make a combo out of pure white tiles; this forces you to carefully plan where to put them.

Note from 2019: Trichrome was built in 2012 with the then-current version of Unity. There was an iOS version (which Apple killed by aging out older apps), an OSX version (ditto), and a Linux version (I don't even remember where I uploaded it). I suspect the Windows version, available here for the first time since Desura went away, is the only version that can be played today. I'm not even sure it could be rebuilt, as Unity has changed so much since then. Please feel free to download it for free and see if it works, and if it does, come back for a donation if you like the game.


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